Standing in the Spotlight
"Everywhere you look, I'm standing in the spotlight!"
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Physical Attributes




Biographical Information
Familial Information

Goigoi (father)
Reirei (mother)
Dogo (brother)
Unnamed brothers

Kijana is a female jackal. She is the daughter of Goigoi and Reirei, and the sister of Dogo.


The Lion Guard

"Babysitter Bunga"

Kijana and her family attack a herd of zebras. While Kijana's mother, Reirei, leads an attack against the bulk of the herd, Kijana and her brother, Dogo, separate a young colt named Hamu from the rest of the zebras. While Kijana hides in the brush, Dogo feigns friendliness to Hamu and convinces the young colt to stop running away. As Dogo continues to sweet-talk Hamu, Kijana sneaks up from behind, but is disrupted by Ono, who warns Hamu of the danger. Just then, Bunga tackles Kijana to the ground, and Hamu fends off Dogo with a kick. Defeated, Kijana and Dogo are led by Bunga back to their mother, who takes the pack back to their home in the Outlands.

Back in the Outlands, Kijana and Dogo practice separating young animals from the herd on their father, Goigoi. They do so well that Reirei decides to return to the Pride Lands. Once there, the jackals learn that Bunga is babysitting a group of young animals, and Reirei decides to lead her pups to the young animals while Goigoi distracts the Lion Guard.

Once at Hakuna Matata Falls, Kijana and her family attack the young animals. However, with the help of Bunga, the children are able to defeat the jackals, and they are forced to retreat once more to the Outlands.

Physical appearance

Kijana is a small, compact jackal with large ears and thin legs. Her pelt is light brown, while her chest, muzzle, and legs are paler in color. She has a long dark stripe that runs up her back and ends in a tuft over her eyes, which are teal.

Personality and traits

Having been raised by her ruthless mother Reirei, Kijana is ferocious and scheming. She takes no shame in harming or tricking other animals, and works well with her brother, Dogo.


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