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Pride Landers

Go ahead! Make my day!
―Kiboko antagonizes Nzee

Kiboko is a male hippopotamus.


The Lion King: Six New Adventures

Vulture Shock

Kiboko refuses to share a water hole with the other animals, prompting a skirmish with the antelope. He is not at all ashamed by this and specifically tries to antagonize Nzee, the antelope's spokesperson and presumed leader.

However, when Simba's son Kopa goes missing, Kiboko momentarily halts the feud in order to help rescue the cub. He joins Simba and a large group of Pride Landers to travel across the desert to where a flock of vultures are holding the cub captive. Along with the other Pride Landers, he intimidates the vultures into releasing Kopa.

Physical appearance

Kiboko is a large, heavyset, and smelly hippopotamus with gray skin, reddish eyes, and yellowed teeth.

Personality and traits

Taking no shame in his grotesque exterior, Kiboko goes out of his way to annoy his fellow Pride Landers. Not only is he an overbearing presence, but he is onerous, stubborn, and unwilling to admit when he's wrong. However, by the end of the story, Kiboko sets aside his own selfish intentions in order to find Simba's lost son, Kopa.