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Kia is a male elephant.



Kia is an elephant who lived in the jungle during Simba's reign.

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When Simba is unfairly forced from his throne by Kesho, he refuses to return to the Pride Lands. Instead, he sulks in the jungle with his son, Kopa. Eventually, Kopa labors through the jungle to find Kia, whom he convinces to defeat the usurper Kesho by reminding the elephant that his jungle will soon be overrun with Pridelander refugees.

Though the hyenas are outraged at Kia's intrusion, they have no choice but to let the elephant pass. Once he reaches Pride Rock, Kia dangles Kesho over the precipice and forces him to admit to his entire congregation of followers that he had cheated Simba. Outraged, the Pridelanders demand his exile, and Simba returns to the Pride Lands amid happy cheers of return. Kia returns quietly to the jungle, and the hyenas flee the lands, leaving Simba and his family to return the Pride Lands to their former glory.

Physical appearance

Though not pictured, Kia is described as an old, massive, white elephant.

Personality and traits

Despite being calm and wise, Kia is a bit self-absorbed, only helping Simba when his own interests are involved.