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Kataka's colony




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Falling in Love

The group is what I've always known and it suits me. We share all the tasks and it works well. I really don't want to leave.
Kataka to Timon

Kataka's colony is a group of meerkats.


The Hakuna Matata Magazine Series

Falling in Love

But although being part of a meerkat group had its advantages, in that all the meerkats shared the work, Timon never felt at home.
Timon's thoughts about Kataka's colony.
Kataka, a member of the colony, is first seen being saved by Timon from a hungry eagle. Later, when Timon reunites with her, he briefly joins the colony, learning to be a hunter and a sentry. Despite the advantages of the colony, he never feels quite at home and approaches Kataka about this, but she refuses to give up her lifelong home and family.

One day, while the two are on sentry duty, Kataka is attacked by a snake, and the meerkat colony, aided by Timon, comes to her rescue. After the rescue, Kataka thanks her friends and family, vowing to do the same for them if they ever needed her help. After the attack, Timon officially leaves the colony, though he gives Kataka a heart-shaped stone before departing.

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