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Falling in Love

Timon: This is so silly! I don't even know your name!
Kataka: It's Kataka.
—Kataka reunites with Timon

Kataka is a meerkat who makes her first and only appearance in Falling in Love. She has a brief romantic fling with Timon.


The Hakuna Matata Magazine Series

Falling in Love

This group is all I've know and it suits me. We all share tasks and it works well. I really don't want to leave.
—Kataka refuses to leave her colony

Kataka is a member of a meerkat colony that resides somewhere in the oasis. She meets Timon after he saves her from the talons of an eagle. The two separate without exchanging names, but, after searching desperately for her in order to know her name,
Kataka and Snake

Timon saves Kataka from a snake

Timon begins to bond with her. Timon and Kataka stay together for quite a while, Timon abandoning Pumbaa and Simba to be with her. The two are assigned sentry duty, but it's not Timon's definition of fun, and he suggests they run off together. Kataka, however, feels safe with her group and refuses to leave. They argue, but when a snake attacks Kataka, Timon saving her again, they make up. Timon gives Kataka a heart-shaped stone to remind her of him and leaves to return to Simba and Pumbaa.

Physical appearance

Kataka has light brown fur, a mole on the right side of her face, and bright blue-green eyes. Like all meerkats, her stripes are darker than her main fur. She is said to be very beautiful.

Personality and traits


Kataka in the jungle

Kataka is a more innocent character, victimized by the harsh predators that prowl her jungle home. She is a stickler for following the rules and somewhat of a homebody, unwilling to leave her colony even after falling deeply in love. Her loyalties are very deep-rooted, and she appreciates the family of meerkats that protects her, vowing her service to the members of her colony after they save her from a snake.

Despite her strong ties to family, Kataka is capable of forming bonds with outside meerkats, namely Timon, a lone meerkat who manages to steal her heart. Even though Kataka ultimately chooses family over true love, she vows to forever remember Timon by the heart-shaped stone he gives her as a goodbye present.


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