Jumbo Jumbo
Jumbo Jumbo
Jumbo Jumbo
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Skin color

Gray, pink

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Distinguishing features

Dark spots next to his eyes

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Pride Lands


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The Most Stubborn Elephant of the Jungle

Jumbo Jumbo is a male elephant.


The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa

"Zazu's Off Day Off"

Jumbo Jumbo relaxes in a river, though he blocks the water of the ravine, causing the animals to die of thirst according to Gopher. When Gopher brings this news to Zazu, who tries to enjoy his day off, the hornbill has to fix the problem.

When Zazu finds out that Jumbo Jumbo is the one blocking the river, he tries to convince the elephant to move, but he refuses to do so. Zazu then shows him the Standard Jungle Animal Contract that he signed to show respect to the tradition of the Circle of Life. Jumbo Jumbo, however, eats the form and blows the pieces on Zazu.

Jumbo Jumbo and Zazu

Zazu tries to convince Jumbo Jumbo to move

Since Jumbo Jumbo refuses to listen to Zazu, the hornbill has to try to make the elephant move himself. After two failed attempts to do so, Gopher suggests that he tries to make it rain on the other side of the river. This attempt, however, also fails and Zazu gives up.

Realizing it's Zazu's day off

Jumbo Jumbo looks at a form that proves its Zazu's day off

Jumbo Jumbo then tells Zazu that the reason he was sitting in the river in the first place is because he believes it's his day off. When Zazu corrects Jumbo Jumbo by telling him that it is actually his day off, showing him a form for proof. Realizing that Zazu is right, Jumbo Jumbo leaves the river to go back to his herd, leaving the water to splash on Zazu.

As Zazu is about to enjoy the rest of his day off, Gopher informs him that it will be Jumbo Jumbo's day off the next day. This makes Zazu pass out as he believes that Jumbo Jumbo will block the river once again and he will have to try to make him move.

Personality and traits

Here is where I'm sitting and sitting here is what I'm doing! You got a problem with that?!
―Jumbo Jumbo threatening Zazu for telling him to move

Jumbo Jumbo is known to be a very stubborn elephant. He doesn't seem to care that him blocking the river causes the other animals of the Pride Lands to die of thirst. He can also be be very tough, as shown when he squeezes Zazu very tightly when he tells that he will stay on his spot and will therefore not move.

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