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Zeal, fervour, enthusiasm, diligence[1]




Twiga's herd
Pride Landers

Familial Information

Twiga (mother)

Juhudi is a female giraffe. She is the daughter of Twiga.


The Lion Guard

"Babysitter Bunga"

One day, Juhudi is at a watering hole with her mother, Twiga, who is attempting to drink from the pool. However, Juhudi's rambunctious antics continue to distract Twiga. Muhimu tells Twiga that her son Hamu is being babysat by Bunga, and Twiga wonders if Bunga would take Juhudi as well.

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Juhudi fends off the jackal pack

Twiga and several other Pride Lander parents approach Bunga, who agrees to watch their children. Together, Bunga and the young animals sing "Teke Ruka Teleza", in which Bunga teaches the children to "kick," "jump," and "slide."

In the middle of their games, the young animals are attacked by Reirei and her children, Kijana and Dogo. However, by using Bunga's "Teke Ruka Teleza" lesson, Juhudi and the other children are able to fend off the jackals. Shortly afterward, the parents return, and Juhudi excitedly relates her lessons to Twiga.

"The Golden Zebra"

Juhudi and her mother's herd get in an argument with Vuruga Vuruga's herd over Big Springs due to a severe drought. Kion defuses the situation. Later, Juhudi and her herd travels to Dhahabu Grove, where they can access drinking water.

"Divide and Conquer"

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Juhudi and her mother, Twiga, flee Janja's attack

When Janja and his clan begin to hunt Juhudi and her mother, Twiga, the Lion Guard rushes to their defense. In the midst of the chase, the team splits up, with Kion and Beshte remaining to handle the situation. As Beshte and Kion race after the hyenas, Janja orders his lackeys to stop them. With four hyenas on the attack, Beshte and Kion quickly become overrun.

Up ahead, Twiga lashes out at Janja, kicking him away from her and thus saving Juhudi. Janja then calls a surrender, and the hyenas bank a hasty retreat. Beshte and Kion check on the status of the giraffes and then follow after the hyenas to make sure that they have left the Pride Lands.

Later, Juduhi and Twiga enjoy a show put on by Tamaa the drongo.

Physical appearance

Juhudi is a small giraffe calf. Her pelt is tawny-brown and dotted with brown spots, while her mane and tail are pale brown in color. Her eyes are green.

Personality and traits

Juhudi is rambunctious and does not take orders well. She is fun-loving and enjoys games, showing a particular fondness for Bunga.


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