Scientific Name

Canis mesomelas


26 to 32 inches


13 to 29 pounds


Up to 14 years in captivity






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Our kind is born a bit smarter than other creatures you might know, and though we seem quite pleasant, our niceness is just a show.
Reirei sings "Jackal Style"

Black-backed Jackals are creatures that appear in The Lion King universe.


Long-bodied and slender, black-backed jackals are known for their long legs and large ears.[1] Their pelt coloration varies from brownish-red to tan, with a distinctive black stripe running from their shoulders to the bases of their tails, which are bushy and black. Their chests, muzzles, paws, and throats are white.


In the Real World


A black-backed jackal

Monogamous and territorial, the standard black-backed jackal social unit consists of a mated pair and their pups.[2] While the adults defend their territory through urinating along boundary ranges, pups are often cared for by offspring from elder litters. The black-backed jackal family unit communicates through various distinctive sounds, including cackling, growling, whining, woofing, yelling, and yelping. Each sound is used to communicate with other family members. For example, when trapped, a black-backed jackal will cackle like a fox.

The diet of a black-backed jackal varies, ranging from bugs such as beetles, scorpions, and spiders to small mammals such as rodents, hares, and small antelope. On occasion, a black-backed jackal will feed on berries and fruits. They are primarily nocturnal, only emerging during daylight hours in areas that are undisturbed by human activity.[2]

In the Universe

In The Lion Guard

In "The Kupatana Celebration"

A family of jackals led by Reirei sneaks into the Pride Lands using Reirei's son, Dogo, who pretends to need rescue by the Lion Guard. When the Lion Guard allows the pup into the Pride Lands, Dogo's family is quick to follow, and Reirei begs Kion to let her stay with her son. Though reluctant, Kion concedes and makes Reirei promise to not cause any more trouble.

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Reirei and her sons

After the Lion Guard departs, Reirei sings "Jackal Style" to her family, teaching them how to act like jackals. In doing so, the family angers a multitude of thieved Pridelanders, and Kion returns to sort out the situation. When confronted by the lion, Reirei pleads for another chance, and Kion reluctantly allows her to attend Kupatana.

At the celebration, Reirei and her family attack the animals, and it's up to the Lion Guard to stop them. Once they have been wrangled into the center of Mizimu Grove, Simba exiles them back to the Outlands with an earth-shaking roar.

In "The Call of the Drongo"

Tamaa the drongo mimics Goigoi's voice in order to scare small animals away from their food.

In "Too Many Termites"

Goigoi and Reirei attempt to eat a pack of aardwolves that have strayed from the Pride Lands. They are defeated by the Lion Guard and holed up in their den.

Notable Black-backed Jackals

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