Isle of Kablooey!
Isle of Kablooey
Attribution Information

Brian Swenlin


Cosme Quartieri


Horacio Ottolini

Publication Information



July 30, 1997



Isle of Kablooey! is a comic inspired by The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa, featured in the March 1997 issue of Disney Adventures.


The story begins with Timon and Pumbaa enjoying their vacation on an island. Suddenly, a group of people stampede out of the island, trampling Timon and Pumbaa. A female naturalist tells the duo that the volcano, Mount Kablooey is going to erupt. She explains to them that they've been studying Kablooey for the past three years and according to their most recent calculations, the island will be covered in lava by Monday morning.

Despite the explanation, Timon refuses to leave the island right now and decides that he and Pumbaa have plenty of time and they can leave Sunday night. Timon and Pumbaa spend their time on time management by using the naturalist's abandoned book. Time passes by and the two realize that it is already Monday morning and they see Mount Kablooey erupt and run for their lives.


  • This comic makes an appearance in Disney Adventures, a magazine geared towards kids.


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