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Red-billed Hornbill

Biographical Information
Familial Information

Cibo (sister)
Dibo (sister)
Gibo (sister)
Kibo (sister)
Zibo (sister)

Ibo is a young male hornbill.



Ibo is a young hornbill who lived in the jungle with his parents and many sisters.

Greedy is as Greedy Does

The hyena trio stumble upon Ibo and start to squabble over who gets to eat which part of him. The bird mentions his big sister Cibo, and the hyenas agree to help him find her so that they can eat both hornbills. Ibo and Cibo mention a bigger sister, Kibo, just as the hyenas start to attack them. Along the way, they mention more sisters by the names of Dibo, Zibo, and Gibo. Eventually, they stumble upon a large flock of hornbills, and the hyenas are chased away.

Physical appearance

Small and slight, Ibo shares the same sky blue feathers as his sister, Cibo. His beak is yellow and orange, and his eyes are blue.

Personality and traits

Being an infant, Ibo is easily fooled and all too eager to trust hungry strangers.