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Howy Parkins
Howy Parkins
General Information

Howy Parkins


1985 - Present

Howy Parkins is an animation director who serves as the supervising director of The Lion Guard. He voices Mbeya the rhino.


In his early career, Parkins worked as a layout artist under the name "Howard Parkins". Some of his early work includes The Care Bears Movie, Punky Brewster, and Star Wars: Ewoks. He began working as a director in 1996 with the television series Hey Arnold!

In recent years, Parkins has worked closely with Disney, directing television series such as The Emperor's New School, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Jake and the Never Land Pirates. In 2015, he directed The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar, after which he took on the role of supervising director for the follow-up television series The Lion Guard. He performed his first voice role as Mbeya the rhino.

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