How Lion was Tricked
How Lion was Tricked 1
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The Lion King: A Nature Fun and Learn Series




Rafiki Remembers


1995 – 1997



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Although Hare is not a large animal, he is very cunning – so don't mess with him!

How Lion was Tricked is a story from the Rafiki Remembers magazine collection. It was published in the 1990s as part of The Lion King: A Nature Fun and Learn Series.


One day, Hare catches a great deal of fish from the Limpopo River and cooks them on the bank of the river. The smell of cooking fish draws Lion to the bank, and he commands Hare to give him one of the fish. Hare willingly gives over the first cooked fish, but when Lion demands a second one, Hare tries to protest. Seeing the threatening look on Lion's face, he obliges, and in this way, Lion eats the entirety of Hare's catch.

Just then, a bush fowl flies past, and Hare remarks that it was he who had given her her spotted feathers. Lion wonders if Hare could give him spots as well, and Hare tells him that it would be possible if he were brought a large buck and a strong tree. Lion brings a buck to Hare, who orders Lion to cut it into long strips. He then tells Lion to find a sturdy tree.

After Lion leads Hare to a strong tree, Hare begins to cook the buck's carcass and tells Lion to lie on the tree while Hare binds him to it using strips from the buck's hide. Once this is done, Hare begins to prod Lion with the end of a heated metal skewer, leaving behind dark burn marks. Lion howls with protest, but Hare simply laughs that he is receiving his spots. Hare and his family then dine on the buck in front of Lion, who cannot free himself from the tree, and leave him where he lies.

Lion stays tied until nightfall, when a passing ant frees him from his bindings. Ashamed of his burned fur, Lion stays in hiding until his coat grows back, but by then, Hare and his family have moved on to find another home.





  • Limpopo River