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Hippo Lanes
2017-03-20-02 08 25
General Information

Beau Black


Beau Black


Dusan Brown



Usage Information

The Lion Guard

"Hippo Lanes" is a song composed by Beau Black for The Lion Guard. It premiered on March 17, 2017, in the episode "Beshte and the Hippo Lanes".


"Hippo Lanes" plays toward the middle of "Beshte and the Hippo Lanes". When Basi gets injured on the job, he tasks his son, Beshte, with completing the hippo lanes in the Pride Lands. Beshte tackles the job with enthusiasm, and he and several Pride Landers sing "Making Hippo Lanes" as he creates hippo lanes through the Flood Plains.


Hey, I'm ready to push through these plains
Clear the way and make some new lanes
With a one, two
One, two, one, two
Pride Lands massive
Yo, we come through

We crave days when the rain come down
Stomp the way, smash reeds to ground
Clear the plains, 'cause pound for pound
Nobody gonna do it how we get down

So let 'em know how we making that path
We come through, and we flatten that grass
And when we're done, there's space to run
The reeds gonna grow in the Pride Lands sun

Whoa-ah, it's what you got to do!
Whoa-ah, we're coming through
Making hippo lanes in the Flood Plains
Clearing the way after heavy rains

Everybody, front to back!

Pride Landers:
We got it!

All y'all stand on track!

Pride Landers:
We got it!

'Potamus got this
Just how we rock it
Coming through
Nobody gonna stop us

We sing a song that's a tune of home
'Cause when we're done, there's room to roam
With a zig-ziga, let's use that girth
Make way for a hippo
We putting in work

Repeat Chorus

It's the hippo way to help others
Tough as it is, we look out for one another
And we stick together
'Cause we got to get over
Since I can remember, and now we can show you

Step, step, step, step
Step up!
We can lay it out flat
So you won't get stuck

'Potamus up
Let's show our stuff
Pride Lands hippo
Doing what we love

Repeat Chorus Twice
Making hippo lanes in the Flood Plains
Clearing the way after heavy rains


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