Heinrich and Schnitzel
Heinrich and Schnitzel


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White Lions

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Sigmund and Lloyd's white lion show

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Heinrich and Schnitzel are two characters from the The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa who appear in the episode "Don't Have the Vegas Idea."


The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa

"Don't Have the Vegas Idea"

Timon and Pumbaa are in Las Vegas searching for a way to earn money in order to dine at a seafood restaurant serving lobsters (for which they mistake as bugs), they stumble upon finding a lion show to which they enter. Heinrich and Schnitzel are preparing for a show when their trainers: Sigmund and Lloyd argue and break up to which Timon takes the opportunity to run the show in order to raise money, but Pumbaa is frightened to come across lions as they are known to eat warthogs. Schnitzel comments on his dislike towards his trainer.

As the show begins, Timon and Pumbaa enter the lion cage to facilitate Heinrich and Schnitzel during their performance. Timon tries to calm Pumbaa, who is frightened, into thinking that the lions are only actors performing in a Las Vegas stunt. Timon, who to them ridiculously attempts to initiate the performance, is instead frightened over their harsh response, in which Heinrich and Schnitzel begin to tease their attempts by responding harshly as they perform their acts, but focus mainly on Timon, after finding the lions' performance inconsiderate, while Pumbaa is no longer frightened and is instead entertained by their performance.

Heinrich and Schnitzel's trainers, still arguing, hear about Pumbaa's idea for a television special. They eventually reunite and decide to run the show again, under the lions' condition, which is to torment their trainers.

Personalities and traits

Heinrich and Schnitzel are shown to be intimidating and tormenting towards those who they regard as ridiculous, in the case of Timon and Pumbaa.


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