Biographical Information







Ashtaa's Herd

Familial Information

Ashtaa (mother)
Unnamed (brother)
Belee (sister)
Darann (great-aunt)

Media Information

The Elephants' Graveyard

Harak is an elephant who makes his first and only appearance in The Elephants' Graveyard.


The Elephants' Graveyard

When Belee is safely returned to the herd after becoming separated (by a means which is unknown) Harak is the only member of the herd who is dissatisfied. He resents his sister for hogging, or what he sees as hogging, his mother's attention, and Simba for bringing her back to do so.

On their way to the Elephant Graveyard, he meets up with an eagle named Claws, angry at Simba for foiling his attempt to make a snack of Timon. Sharing a common enemy, the two decide to team up and get help get rid of each other's problem.

When the herd arrives to finally allow Darann to rest eternally, Harak devises a plan in the mess of bones. He plots to have Simba captured then crush Belee under a heavy skeleton. Before the latter can happen though, Simba successfully warns Belee of the plan and Harak is scolded by Ashtaa, then she explains she only spent more time with Belee because she was younger and needed guidance. Regretting his actions, Harak apologizes to Belee and says he will never forgive himself for being so jealous.

Physical appearance

He has dark gray skin like his sister and his tusks are just coming in.

Personality and traits

Harak is prone to jealousy and even attempts to take a route similar to Scar to regain attention.

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