Hangin' with Baby
Hangin with baby
Hangin with Baby
January 30, 1996
33 minutes

Hangin' with Baby is a VHS cassette inspired by The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa, being the first of six volumes of the show's VHS series Timon & Pumbaa's Wild Adventures.


Back Cover Information

"In 'Never Everglades', after Pumbaa finds himself sitting on an abandoned alligator egg, the egg isn't the only thing that hatches! Parental instincts emerge, and Pumbaa puts a definite crimp in Timon's Hakuna Matata lifestyle!

Then in 'To Kilimanjaro Bird', Timon creates a fine-feathered mess when a mother eagle discovers he's taken a heaping helping of worms from her baby's nest!

Also includes the 'Rafiki Fable: Good Mousekeeping'!"

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