Hadithi the Hero
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General Information

Beau Black


Beau Black


John O'Hurley



Usage Information

The Lion Guard

"Hadithi the Hero" is a song composed by Beau Black for The Lion Guard. It premiered on February 24, 2017, in the episode "Ono's Idol".


"Hadithi the Hero" plays toward the beginning of "Ono's Idol". When Ono the egret meets his idol, a legendary eagle named Hadithi, he proclaims that he is Hadithi's biggest fan. Hadithi admires Ono's enthusiasm, but reminds him that he is a hero to many animals in the Pride Lands. He then sings "Hadithi the Hero", in which he boasts about all his past doings and how popular he is among the Pride Landers.


I'm not one for boasting
But what they say is true!
I happen to be the best at everything I do
So what's the point of fighting the energetic crowd
When they want to scream and shout
And chant my name out loud?

(Hadithi, the hero!)
Wherever I go
(Hadithi, the hero!)
They worship me so
(Hadithi, the hero!)
Though I must agree
(Hadithi, the hero!)
It's all about me!

Ravens I have rescued
Freed finches from the fray

And the egret's great escape!

Oh, that was a busy day!
But most of all, I'm famous for that legendary wing
Against ten hungry crocodiles
With my Hadithi spin

Repeat Chorus

Yes, I must truly be humbled
By all my fanatical fans
Yes, it's so hard to be humble
But that's just the bird that I am
That I am!

Repeat Chorus
(Hadithi, the hero!)
It's all about me
(Hadithi, the hero!)
It's all about me
(Hadithi, the hero!)
It's all about me!


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