Standing in the Spotlight
"Everywhere you look, I'm standing in the spotlight!"
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Familial Information

Mayik (father)
Mayika (mother)

P-perhaps you could rescue me, too!
―Haari to Simba

Haari is a young male monkey.


The Hakuna Matata Magazine Series

The Missing Monkey

Before the start of the story, Haari goes missing. In his absence, his parents Mayik and Mayika temporarily adopt Timon as their new son until Timon's friends Pumbaa and Simba volunteer to help search for Haari.

With the help of a snail named Slippy, the group soon finds out that a python has lured Haari into a cave using the lie that his parents are waiting for him. In the dark, the snake attempts to eat the young monkey, but bats fly into the python's face, giving Haari time to escape. He soon runs straight into Simba, who has fallen into a deep hole, and is drawn into his mother's arms alongside the lion cub. Overjoyed, he embraces his parents and returns home with them.

Physical appearance

Since he is young, Haari is scrawny and undersized, though he possesses the long limbs and lithe build that is common to his fellow monkeys. His fur is colored a bright tangerine orange, though the fur on his feet, hands, and head is a fruity red. The fur fringing his face is creamy in color, and the face itself is the same deep brown as his eyes.

Personality and traits

Being only a child, Haari is understandably innocent and foolish. He is gullible to the point that a predator is able to draw him into a vulnerable situation, in which Haari proves to be easily frightened and fully reliant on his parents. Despite this, he is a loving son and appreciative of the care his parents bring him.