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Janja and the hyenas chased us!
―Gumba to the Lion Guard

Gumba is a young male baboon. He is a Pride Lander.


The Lion Guard

"Bunga the Wise"

During a rainstorm, Gumba and his family take shelter in a tree on the edge of a high cliff. They are encouraged to climb down by the Lion Guard, but they refuse to do so until Bunga uses his flatulence to drive them out of the tree. Gumba falls, but is caught by Ono, who safely delivers him to his mother.

"Can't Wait to be Queen"

Gumba is seen briefly during the musical number "Duties of the King".

"Follow That Hippo!"

Gumba is first seen faking a hyena attack with his friends, as they're in the middle of a game about the Lion Guard. Their game, however, frightens a group of Pridelanders, and the real Lion Guard shows up, demanding to know what's going on. Meekly, Gumba and his friends pad forward, explaining their game to the Lion Guard, and Mtoto invites the Lion Guard to play with them. Despite the young animals' excitement, Kion explains that they have business elsewhere.


Gumba with his friends

Later, after Mtoto has trained with the Lion Guard, Gumba and his friends express amazement at Mtoto's experience. However, they despair that he won't want to play with them anymore, but, to their delight, he starts up another game with them, in which they pretend that the hyraxes are hyenas. While they're playing, Janja and his cronies, Cheezi and Chungu, begin to follow them.

Eventually, the young animals chase the hyraxes to safety and wonder what to do next. Just then, Janja and his cronies appear, and the young animals run away in fear. Gumba manages to escape, but Mtoto is pursued by the three hyenas. With his other remaining friends, Gumba alerts Beshte to the danger, and he goes to save Mtoto.

After Mtoto's safe return, Gumba listens eagerly to his tale of escape. Shortly afterward, Kion volunteers to gift each child with a muddy mark of the Lion Guard, and the young animals immediately crowd around him, eager to receive their mark.

"Ono the Tickbird"

When a blindly rampaging Kifaru rams his horn into a tree, Gumba and his family scurry down from it, eager to escape the rampaging rhinoceros.

"The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar"

Gumba is attacked by Janja's clan as he and his troop pursue Ma Tembo, who is searching for a new water source. Although Gumba is almost caught by Cheezi, the Lion Guard intervenes and drives the hyenas off. Gumba then continues to follow Ma Tembo and her herd.

Physical appearance

Small and skinny, Gumba has a lanky build and a large head. His fur is dark brown, though his face, paws, and underbelly are lighter in color. He has a bushy patch of dark hair on his head, and his eyes are greenish-brown.

Personality and traits

Gumba is more outspoken than his friends, though just as mischievous. Despite this, he honors the wishes of the Lion Guard, treating them with respect and reverence.

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