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Growler's mother

Growler's Mother is the unnamed mother of Growler and his siblings.


She has red eyes, a black mane in a similar style to Kovu's, and small stubby tusks. Her coloration mirrors Pumbaa's.


She is a no-nonsense individual, but easy-going and patient all at the same time.


She appears in the book Pumbaa's New Friends as a protagonist and is determined to teach Pumbaa how to
Pumbaa, Growler's Mum, Simba, Timon, and Warthogs
be a real warthog, something her son disapproves of.

She is most likely the mate of the Alpha, since she has the power to welcome and banish, shown when she accepts Pumbaa and casts out Growler after the latter tries to get Pumbaa killed by the Chief Warthog. That being said, she could be the mate of the chief.

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