Good Advice is Hard to Find
Good Advice is Hard to Find 1
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Nino Russo


Andrea Nicolucci
Sara Storino


Luciano Milano

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January 1998



Good Advice is Hard to Find is a comic inspired by The Lion King.


Scar tells Zazu that he is going to be replaced with a new adviser.


Good Advice is Hard to Find begins with Scar hearing his brother, Mufasa, suggesting to Zazu, his adviser, that he will appoint Norbert the hippo to be the Pride Lands's Superintendent of the Waters. Zazu agrees with Mufasa's suggestion, but he suggests Rosanna the heron is a better choice. Mufasa agrees with Zazu's choice, and thanks him for his advice. Meanwhile, Scar notices that Zazu always has the best advice for Mufasa, and without Zazu, Mufasa would have trouble reigning the Pride Lands. So, Scar plots to get rid of Zazu.

Later that day, when the hornbill is ordering monkeys to be cautious of coconut milk for an upcoming party, Scar arrives to tell Zazu that Mufasa is suggesting replacing him with Carlo the chameleon. Zazu is shocked by the news, and believes he must work harder in order to keep his position. However, Scar tells the hornbill adviser that he must travel throughout the kingdom, and speak with the other animals in order to be more knowledgeable about the animals like Carlo. Zazu leaves to tell Mufasa his new plans, but Scar sneakily warns Zazu if he tells Mufasa, he'll only show that he is a poor adviser. Also, Scar tells the worried hornbill that if he misses Mufasa, he'll come up with an excuse for his absence.

Next, Zazu approaches a herd of elephants, and listens to their request for stronger control of predators. At the same time, Shenzi and Banzai disguise Ed as a zebra to fool Zazu. Then, Mufasa asks the monkeys of Zazu's whereabouts, and the monkeys reply that he flew off into the savanna, and before that, was talking with Scar. Mufasa suspects something, and angrily goes after his brother who tells him that Zazu is with the hyenas. Scar warns his older brother that it may be too late, but Mufasa fiercely races to Zazu's aid.

With Zazu captured in a skeleton cage, the hyenas discuss their plans to devour the hornbill. At the last minute, Mufasa finally arrives, and scares off the hyenas. Finally, Mufasa tells Zazu that he should have never left, but Zazu comments that his leaving made him more knowledgeable about the animals. On top of that, Zazu has advice about Scar that he is no threat to Mufasa's kingdom as long as he cooperates with the hyenas.


  • This comic has been released in two countries: Italy in 1998 and the Netherlands in 2011.[1]



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