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Reirei (mate)
Dogo (son)
Unnamed sons
Kijana (daughter)

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The Lion Guard

Whatever you say, dear.
—Goigoi to Reirei

Goigoi is an adult male jackal who appears in The Lion Guard. He is the mate of Reirei, and the father of Dogo and his brothers.

Goigoi attempts to sneak into the Pride Lands during the celebration of Kupatana.


The Lion Guard

"The Kupatana Celebration"

You were right, Reirei. The Pride Lands is filled with great things to take.
—Goigoi to Reirei


Goigoi with his mate, Reirei, and son, Dogo

When Goigoi's son, Dogo, tricks the Lion Guard into letting him into the Pride Lands, Goigoi and his family sneak in after him. There, they are confronted by Kion, who expresses anger at Goigoi's sons for sleeping in the aardvark warrens. Reirei excuses their behavior and begs Kion to let her and Goigoi stay with Dogo, to which Kion reluctantly agrees.

Not long after this, Reirei sings "Jackal Style" to her family. In doing so, the jackals manage to annoy a large group of Pride Landers, and Kion is forced to intervene again. Once more, Reirei begs Kion to forgive them, and Kion reluctantly allows them to attend Kupatana.

At Kupatana, Goigoi and his family attack the Pride Landers, but Goigoi is stopped by Fuli, who overwhelms him with her speed. Simba himself approaches the jackal family and roars, sending them scurrying back into the Outlands.

"The Call of the Drongo"

Tamaa imitates Goigoi in order to scare away small animals from their food.

"Too Many Termites"

Goigoi is asleep in his den when Reirei enters with news that a pack of aardwolves have moved in next door. Goigoi asks where the hyraxes had gone, and Reirei reminds him that they hadn't moved out, which causes Goigoi to snicker and remark that they had been delicious.

2016-07-20-21 49 57

Goigoi pretends to befriend aardwolves Haya and Ogopa

Together, Goigoi and Reirei greet the aardwolves, introducing themselves as the pack's new neighbors. At first, the aardwolves are frightened, but when they realize that the jackals are not going to harm them, they express relief that it is not the Lion Guard. The jackals reassure the aardwolves that they are nothing like the Lion Guard, singing "We'll Make You a Meal" to trick the pack into trusting them.

After the song, a stray member of the pack, Mjomba, enters the den and tells his friends that they are welcome back in the Pride Lands. Before the aardwolves can leave, Goigoi shoves a rock into the cave entrance, trapping the pack in the den. Goigoi and Reirei launch their attack, but before they can score a meal, the Lion Guard arrives and drives them away. The jackals flee back into their den, where the Lion Guard shuts them in. No sooner have they been shut away when Goigoi falls asleep.

"Babysitter Bunga"

2017-07-16-23 50 09

Goigoi and his family plot to attack a herd of zebras

Reirei and her family plot to attack a herd of zebras. Nearby, Kion picks up the pack's scent, and the Lion Guard rushes to rescue the zebras from their attackers. Too late, the pack strikes, and Reirei's children, Dogo and Kijana, manage to isolate a young zebra named Hamu from the rest of the herd. Ono spots the double attack, and Kion orders Bunga and Ono to save Hamu while he, Beshte, and Fuli rescue the remainder of the herd. Kion stops Reirei from harming the rest of the herd. Reirei tries to blame Hamu for harming Dogo, but Kion exiles her back to the Outlands, and the jackals take off for home.

In the Outlands, Reirei trains Dogo and Kijana, her children, to hunt using Goigoi as a makeshift target. The pups do so well that Reirei decides to return to the Pride Lands. Kijana worries about the Lion Guard, but Reirei asserts that she will come up with a plan to keep the Lion Guard from interfering with their hunt.

2017-07-17-00 02 02

Dogo and Kijana practica their hunting skills on Goigoi

Once in the Pride Lands, Reirei and her pack overhear Muhimu and Twiga discussing Bunga's babysitting duties at Hakuna Matata Falls. Elated, Reirei decides to attack the little ones while they're separated from their parents, and orders Goigoi to think up a way to distract the Lion Guard and keep them away from the falls.

Once separated from Reirei, Goigoi overhears the Lion Guard heading to Hakuna Matata Falls, and he frantically tries to come up with a plan. In the midst of his panic, he accidentally steps on his own tail and howls in pain, alerting the Lion Guard to his presence. The team takes chase, but in the midst of his escape, Goigoi accidentally falls halfway into a pit, and the Lion Guard gathers around him.

2017-07-17-00 05 30

A trapped Goigoi is questioned by the Lion Guard

When questioned, Goigoi claims that he had been chasing an antelope, but Ono assures Kion that there had been no other animals in the area around Goigoi. Suspecting Goigoi of foul intentions, Kion offers to help him out of the hole if he reveals where Reirei and the rest of his family are. Goigoi begrudgingly agrees and tells the Lion Guard that his family is at Hakuna Matata Falls. Fearing for Bunga and Hamu's safety, the Lion Guard charges off to rescue them.

Physical appearance

Unlike his mate Reirei, Goigoi is not well-groomed. He has a lanky, skinny frame, with thin legs and an arched back. His pelt is light brown, and his ear rims, muzzle, paws, and underbelly are tan. A thick stripe of black runs up his back, ending in a short tuft over his forehead, and his tail is tipped with black. His eye shades are a dull grayish-brown, and his eyes are black.

Personality and traits

Though the jackals are known for being schemers, Goigoi is not the brightest, being only able to think with his stomach, and has a tendency to lounge about and sleep. Even so, he takes a devious delight in his mate's scheming, and he has a habit of agreeing with everything Reirei says.

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