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King of the Hidden Kingdom

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I thought a demonstration would be the best way to convince you. Even in this hidden kingdom I rule, it is not quite paradise.
―Giganta to his friends

Giganta is an elephant who makes his first and only appearance in The Ghost Elephant.



Giganta lived within or close-by the jungle during Scar's reign.

The Hakuna Matata Magazine Series

The Ghost Elephant

When a strange disturbance shakes the savanna, Simba and his friends, Timon and Pumbaa, investigate a mysterious rock wall. There, they encounter Giganta, whom Timon mistakes for a ghost. The three friends follow Giganta's tracks until they reach a hidden kingdom, where they meet Giganta yet again when he sprays Pumbaa out of a dangerous mud hole. The elephant proceeds to pick up and toss a giant boulder into the midst of the mud hole, demonstrating to the friends the mud hole's quicksand qualities.

Having given their trust to the elephant, Simba and his friends express their original belief that he was a ghost, and Giganta pokes fun at his own pale coat. He then explains that he had been checking out a lightning strike on the rock wall when Timon saw him. After giving this explanation, Giganta swears the friends to secrecy, and the trio agree to not breathe a word about Giganta's hidden kingdom.

Together, the four go on a tour around the kingdom, and Giganta shows off his visitors to the fantastical creatures of the kingdom. When Simba manages to save a monkey from a falling tree branch, Giganta offers his kingship to the young lion, who speaks of his life back home in the Pride Lands. Giganta soon allows his visitors to leave, marking them the first to ever leave Giganta's kingdom with his secret in their hearts.

Physical appearance

Perhaps the most enormous elephant on the savanna, Giganta towers over his fellow creatures, bearing a thick middle, tree-trunk legs, and enormous tusks. His skin is pure white, and his eyes are deep black.

Personality and traits

Despite his great size, Giganta is gentle and wise, protective of those under his care. Though not inclined to like predators, he is willing to give them his assistance, as seen when he saves Simba and his friends from quicksand.