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Fisi's clan
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Fisi's clan




The Outlands

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Fight for the Throne

Kesho: How...! Do you dare talk to your king like this, hyena?
Fisi: Ha, ha, ha! Are you trying to threaten me, pussy? Don't make me laugh! If you just harm a hair on Ed's or my head, our pack will make mincemeat of you!
Fisi intimidates Kesho

Fisi's clan is a group of hyenas featured in Fight for the Throne.


Fight for the Throne

After Fisi overhears Kopa questioning Simba as to why the king of the Pride Lands is always a lion, his clan hatches a scheme to remove Simba and place Kesho the Cheetah on the throne as their puppet. After intimidating Kesho into challenging Simba, they let him in on their plan to make him king, and later take him to Pride Rock. However, they quickly assert their superior numbers over the Cheetah, forcing him to heed their wishes. They feed wantonly on animals and leave the remains to rot, bringing sickness to the land, until Kopa's new ally Kia the Elephant arrives and forces Kesho to admit the truth. The hyenas, their plan exposed, are then forced to flee the Pride Lands while Simba is reinstalled as king.


  • Though hyenas usually have a matriarch, the male character Fisi is in control of his pack.