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First king of Pride Rock
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The first king of Pride Rock is the first officially known king to rule Pride Rock.


The first king's appearance is unknown.


Though the first king's personality is not explored, it's implied that he is considerably brave and assertive, as he accomplishes many fantastic feats in the course of his reign, such as defeating hyenas with elephant tusks.


A Gift from the Heavens


The birds mistake Great-Fighter as the first king

The first king is mentioned by two parrots who claim that he ruled during a hyena invasion and a great earthquake. This king apparently discovered the Elephant Graveyard as well. At some point during his reign, he bore three daughters with an unknown lioness. One of the three heirs presumably became Mohatu's grandmother.


  • In the original, German version of the comic, the parrots claim that the first king had three daughters ("drei töchter").[1][2] However, in the Swedish version of the comic, it is mentioned that he had three sons ("tre soner").[3][4]
  • In the German version, Great-Fighter claims to be Simba's great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather. However, in the Swedish version of the comic, he claims to be Mufasa's great-great-great-grandfather.[5][6]


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