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First duel of the Fire Tree Bridge
First duel of the Fire Tree Bridge
The Fire Tree Bridge
Banagi's Clan
The Ndona Pride
Mufasa is killed
Scar becomes king
Simba loses his tail
King of the Beasts
It is time, Zazu. Remember what I said.
Mufasa to Zazu

The first duel of the Fire Tree Bridge is a battle for kingship which takes place between Mufasa and Scar in King of the Jungle. Though Scar wins the duel, killing Mufasa, Simba escapes into the wilderness and later comes back to steal the throne from Scar.



In the hopes of setting Scar on the throne in place of Mufasa, Banagi recruits Scar to his side and convinces the rogue to challenge Mufasa's kingship. Agreeing to the plan, Scar joins forces with Banagi, who lies to Mufasa that Scar has captured Baasho and forced him to bring a message to Mufasa. Though suspicious, Mufasa agrees to hear the message, and Banagi tells the king that he has been challenged by Scar to a duel at the fire tree bridge.

Mufasa mulls over this offer and then asks Banagi his opinion. The hyena offers humbly that Scar is a rather large lion, too large for someone Mufasa's size. Despite Banagi's offer of help, Mufasa turns him down, deciding to take down Scar on his own. Zazu warns the king that the situation stinks, and Simba suggests an ambush, but Mufasa once more resolves to defend his crown alone.


At high noon, Mufasa and Scar meet in battle, with the hyenas and the lionesses watching expectantly. When Mufasa begins to gain the upper paw in the fight, Baasho and the other members of his clan spring out of hiding, tearing at Mufasa in Scar's defense. Despite having been saved from a death blow, Scar is furious to be receiving help, and the lionesses are equally enraged, turning their anger on Banagi. As they start toward the hyena, more of his minions pour from the shadows, and the pride halts, disinclined to attack.

Severely weakened, Mufasa is no longer able to defend himself, and Scar takes the winning blow, killing Mufasa by landing on his back and biting down. No sooner is the king dead when Sarabi is screaming at her son to flee, but Simba, fueled by rage, charges toward the bridge, intent on avenging his father. He only gives in to running away when Nala reminds him that Mufasa had wanted him to live.

Baasho and his clan immediately take chase, but Simba continues to evade them, aided by Zazu. The chase lasts for days until at last, Simba is too weary to continue running. Though Zazu tries to help him, Simba is snagged by his tail and dangled over a cliff, where his tail snaps, and he reels to the bottom of the gorge alongside Baasho's hyena minions, who die upon impact.