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We just want to see the drawings! My friends don't believe there are any. In fact, I don't believe it either!

Fibber is a male meerkat.


The Hakuna Matata Magazine Series

Two-Legged Creatures

While listening to Meekon's tale about humans -- which he calls 'the watu' -- Fibber offers to show Simba and his friends the paintings of the watu he's seen in a cave. He acts as their guide, later not even trusting his own words about their existence. They do find their paintings, in the end, and the vulture who guides them -- called Victor -- even offers to show them real, life watu. They sleep in that cave, ignorant of the humans who visit in the night, but Fibber is able to bring home something they left behind: a catapult and a bowl.

Meekon is able to pass them off as a birds nest and a rare plant, which dismays Fibber.

Personality and traits

Aptly named, Fibber is not the most honest of sorts and often blows small stories into exaggerated adventures. Still a child, Fibber is quite innocent and curious, and daring enough to go on a long journey in order to settle his own curiosity.