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Black, brownish-gray

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Pirebat's mansion


Vam Pirebat's assistant

Enos is a male bat. He is the assistant of Mr. Vam Pirebat.


The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa

"Jamaica Mistake?"

When Timon and Pumbaa chase Enos, whom Timon mistakes for a moth, they come across Pirebat's mansion. Timon wants to enter the mansion to continue pursuing Enos, but Pumbaa refuses to do so, knowing how haunted the house is. So Timon decides to enter the mansion on his own while Pumbaa waits outside.

Enos pushing down lever

Enos pushing down a lever to make Pumbaa go to the dining room

After a skeleton head on Mr. Pirebat's mailbox mocks Pumbaa's words, the warthog runs inside the mansion to find Timon.

After Timon and Pumbaa find each other, Timon makes each one of them go separate ways to find Enos. Pumbaa finds the bat and Timon chases him. Enos then pulls a lever that makes Timon fall down and land on a chair. Timon hears a voice and sees Mr. Pirebat.

Meanwhile, while Pumbaa looks for his friend, Enos pulls the lever to make the warthog fall and land on the same chair Timon landed on. After the two friends find each other, Pumbaa wants to leave the house, but Timon prefers to stay as he sees a lot of sandwiches on the table. The meerkat then introduces Pumbaa to Mr. Pirebat.

Pirebat and Enos

Pirebat and Enos, ready to eat the two friends

Mr. Pirebat and Enos let Timon and Pumbaa enjoy their dinner, secretly planning on eating them at midnight. When midnight arrives, Timon and Pumbaa try to escape the mansion, but run into various obstacles, including a wooden roller coaster which has one section of the track collapse.

After they escape, Timon and Pumbaa are outside, happy that they escaped the bats safely but then wonder how they got away. Then, it reveals that Timon and Pumbaa grew bat wings on their backs and they are hanging upside down on a tree branch like bats do. The two then fly off.

Personality and traits

Enos dimwitted nature

A screenshot of Enos, reflecting his rather slow-witted nature

Although he seems to be slow-witted, Enos is shown to actually know what he is doing. He guides Timon and Pumbaa to his and Pirebat's mansion by making them pursue him since he is believed to be a moth. When they enter the house, Enos uses a lever to make them get to the dining room, where the bats are planning to eat the two friends.

Enos only communicates with his laughter, therefore is never known to say anything.


  • Enos is very similar to Ed, as they both seem slow-witted, but are shown to know how their plans work. They are both also known to only communicate with their laughter.


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