Don't Have the Vegas Idea
Don't Have the Vegas Idea
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Mauro Casalese


Henry Gilroy

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The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa





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March 5, 1999

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"Super Hog-O"


"Hot Enough For Ya?"

"Don't Have the Vegas Idea" is the second segment of the tenth episode of Season 3 of The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa. It aired on March 5, 1999, along with "Super Hog-O".


To get money for lobsters (which are mistaken for bugs), Timon and Pumbaa get jobs in an act involving White Lions.


"Don't Have the Vegas Idea" begins by introducing Timon, a meerkat and his warthog friend, Pumbaa. At the start of the episode, Timon and Pumbaa are visiting Las Vegas and come across a seafood restaurant. They take a peek through the window and see lobsters, which they mistake for bugs, and enter the restaurant, but since they have no money, they get kicked out.

Don'tHavetheVegasIdea screencap

The pals look at the ad about the white lion show

Timon and Pumbaa see an ad showing that there is a white lion show going on. The show involves two white lions named Heinrich and Schnitzel and their trainers, Sigmund and Lloyd. Timon decides to run the show to make money, but Pumbaa is afraid of lions since they eat warthogs. The two go to the show and see Heinrich and Schnitzel sitting in their cage wearing sweaters and sweat pants. They then see Sigmund and Lloyd arguing and breaking up. Timon suggests that it's now up to him and Pumbaa to run the show, much to Pumbaa's fear. Timon tells his friend that they've had experiences with lions and tries to convince him that anything carnivorous the lions will do is just an act.

Don'tHavetheVegasIdea screencap2

Heinrich and Schnitzel taking a bow

Timon and Pumbaa get in the lions' cage and make the show begin. Timon tries to calm the frightened Pumbaa down by telling him that the lions are just acting. Timon then tries to fight the lions but then gets frightened by their harsh response. The lions begin to tease the meerkat by responding harshly as they perform their acts and they focus more of their attention on him. Pumbaa is now no longer afraid of the lions and he's entertained by their performance.

Don'tHavetheVegasIdea screencap3

Pumbaa saying that he'll miss the lions

Timon wants to leave but Pumbaa tells him that with them running the show, they can become rich and famous. Timon sees Sigmund and Lloyd sitting on separate tables from each other and still refuse to talk to each other. When Pumbaa has an idea for a television special, the two men reunite and decide to run the show again. Though, on the Heinrich and Schnitzel's condition, the show has the lions tormenting their trainers.

Timon and Pumbaa get thrown out of the show and Timon has an idea for an even better job. The two are on a plane, working as flight kings and wave to the people in the city. The pilot then pushes them out, and Timon and Pumbaa parachute to the ground, spotting a restaurant that orders bugs below.



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  • Airplane
  • Las Vegas
  • Seafood restaurant
  • White lion show

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  • Sigmund and Lloyd's white lion show


  • The episode's title is a combination of the phrase, "don't have the vaguest idea," and the city of Las Vegas, Nevada.