Dogo's brothers
Dogo's brothers
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Biographical Information

Boys (by Goigoi)
Kids (by Reirei)







Familial Information

Goigoi (father)
Reirei (mother)
Dogo (brother)
Kijana (sister)

Media Information
Voiced by

Jacob Guenther


The Lion Guard

Yip! Yip! Yip! Yip!
—Dogo's brothers as they are discovered by Beshte and Bunga

Dogo's brothers are jackal pups. They are the sons of Goigoi and Reirei, and the brothers of Dogo.

When the family matriarch, Reirei, resolves to infiltrate the Pride Lands for Kupatana, Dogo's brothers accompany their family in entering the kingdom. At first, Kion tolerates their presence, but when the jackal family disrupts Kupatana, he and his father, Simba, banish them back to the Outlands.


"The Kupatana Celebration"

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Dogo's brothers learn to trick and thieve during the musical number "Jackal Style"

After Dogo manages to trick the Lion Guard into letting him enter the Pride Lands, his parents, Goigoi and Reirei, fetch his brothers to join the family in infiltrating the kingdom. Once in the Pride Lands, Dogo's brothers shelter in the dens of Muhangus and Muhanga, where they are quickly confronted by Beshte and Bunga. At first, Beshte and Bunga mistake them for Dogo, but when they catch sight of multiple pups at once, they call for Kion's aid.

Kion arrives on the scene with Fuli and Ono, and Reirei emerges in the defense of her son, Dogo, who had not mentioned having any family to the Lion Guard. Reluctantly, Kion allows the jackal family to stay, though he makes them promise to leave the aardvark dens alone. After the Lion Guard's departure, Reirei sings "Jackal Style" to her sons, instructing them to be charismatic and manipulative in order to get what they want.

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Dogo's brothers are surrounded by Pride Landers during their attack on the Kupatana celebration

While singing, the jackals steal from more animals, and the Lion Guard returns to chastise them. Reirei claims that it had been a misunderstanding, and Kion allows them to attend Kupatana. That night, the jackal family arrives and wrecks havoc on Mizimu Grove, but they are swiftly stopped by the Lion Guard. Simba approaches Reirei and ousts the family back to the Outlands.

"Too Many Termites"

Dogo's brothers are mentioned by their mother, Reirei, when she tells Goigoi that they will leave their pups what's left of the aardwolves.

"Babysitter Bunga"

Reirei and her family plot to attack a herd of zebras. Nearby, Kion picks up the pack's scent, and the Lion Guard rushes to rescue the zebras from their attackers. Too late, the pack strikes, and two of Reirei's children, Dogo and Kijana, manage to isolate a young zebra named Hamu from the rest of the herd. Ono spots the double attack, and Kion orders Bunga and Ono to save Hamu while he, Beshte, and Fuli rescue the remainder of the herd. Kion stops Reirei from harming the rest of the herd; Reirei tries to blame Hamu for harming Dogo, but Kion exiles her back to the Outlands, and the jackals take off for home.

Once back in the Outlands, Reirei trains Dogo and Kijana to hunt using their father, Goigoi, as a makeshift target. The pups do so well that Reirei decides to return to the Pride Lands. Kijana worries about the Lion Guard, but Reirei asserts that she will come up with a plan to keep the Lion Guard from interfering with their hunt.

Once in the Pride Lands, Reirei and her pack overhear Muhimu and Twiga discussing Bunga's babysitting duties at Hakuna Matata Falls. Elated, Reirei decides to attack the little ones while they're separated from their parents, and orders Goigoi to think up a way to distract the Lion Guard and keep them away from the falls. The jackals attack Bunga and his charges, with Reirei taking on Bunga while her pups attack the young animals. In the midst of the fight, Bunga yells encouragement to the young animals, reminding them to "teke," "ruka," and "teleza" in order to fend off the jackals. The plan works, and the jackals are defeated.

Just then, the Lion Guard arrives and stares in consternation at the defeated jackals and the triumphant young animals. Reirei pipes up, complaining to Kion that she and her children have been severely abused, but Kion only agrees to let her go if she promises to never harm another young Pride Lander. Reirei delivers her promise, and the jackals take off for the Outlands once more.

Physical appearances

Dogo's brothers are near-identical to their brother, Dogo, whom the members of the Lion Guard continually mistake them for. Like Dogo, they are small and seemingly benign, with light brown pelts, and tan muzzles, paws, and underbellies. Thick black stripes run down their backs, ending in short tufts on their heads, and their tails are tipped with black. The only difference that sets them apart from their brother, Dogo, is their brown eyes. Only one of Dogo's brothers shares his blue eyes.

Personalities and traits

Though innocent in appearance, Dogo's brothers are cunning and devious, with mean streaks like their mother, Reirei. Having been brought up in a "jackal style" manner, they are prone to tricking and thieving from other animals, and often use their charm to fool other animals into believing they have good intentions.

Voice actors


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