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Ashtaa's Herd

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Unnamed (sister)
Ashtaa (niece)
Harak (great-nephew)
Unnamed (great-nephew)
Belee (great-niece)

It was her time. Do not cry. She is now at peace.
Ashtaa about Darann

Darann is an elephant who makes her first and only appearance in The Elephant's Graveyard.


Ashtaa: My mother's sister, Aunt Darann, is old. She must reach our destination before her time comes.
Simba: But why does she want to die? Isn't it better to be alive and enjoy life? Won't you be sad?
Ashtaa: Of course I will. But all living creatures must accept their destiny.
—Ashtaa and Simba

Darann is the oldest member of Ashtaa's herd.

The Elephants' Graveyard

I shall remain with her until her time comes.
—Ashtaa about Darann

When Simba asks where the herd is headed, Ashtaa explains that her mother's sister, Darann, is old and dying. The herd must reach the elephant graveyard before Darann's time comes. Simba is confused and asks Ashtaa if she will miss her aunt. Ashtaa exclaims that of course she will, but all living creatures must accept the inevitable.

Upon reaching the elephant graveyard, Darann leans down among the skeletons. Ashtaa lies beside her aunt and stays with her as she dies. Not long after this, Claws targets Darann as his prey and swoops down on the herd. Ashtaa and the other elephants defend the old elephant until the eagle finally flies away. When everything has calmed down, Ashtaa finds that Darann is now dead. Simba is sad, but Ashtaa comforts him and tells him that she is now at peace.

Physical appearance

Darann is very old gray elephant with short ivory tusks. Her age makes her considerably weak.


  • "Darann" has no meaning in Swahili, but "dara" means caress or embrace.[1]


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