Cisco Pig's gang

Cisco Pig's gang
Cisco Pig's Gang
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Cisco Pig's gang





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Timon on the Range

Cisco Pig's gang are a trio of bandits from the The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa. They only appeared in the episode "Timon on the Range."


The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa

"Timon on the Range"

Cisco Pig and his gang are about to rob the train. Cisco Pig gets on the track to try to do so and on his last attempt, the train runs into him, making his gang think he's dead.

While Timon and Pumbaa visit the Old West, the people mistake him for Cisco Pig. When the two get to a bank, the cashier give them all his money. Then the three bandits show up for him to give them his money, but the cashier tells them that he gave them to Timon and Pumbaa.

After the gang chase Timon and Pumbaa and catch them, they mistake Pumbaa for Cisco Pig and start pampering them and do some activities with them. Then when the gang tells the two to rob the train, Pumbaa tells them that it's illegal. After hearing his refusal, the gang becomes suspicious and they ask Pumbaa questions about Cisco Pig. The warthog answers every question right until they ask him if Cisco Pig likes him or Timon. After Pumbaa says that the warthog bandit just likes him, the gang find out that he's not their leader.

Cisco Pig's gang chase Timon and Pumbaa again. Timon and Pumbaa now get surrounded by the gang, who are about to shoot them. Cisco Pig shows up and stops them. The three men are now defeated.

Physical appearances

Cisco Pig's gang are tall, beefy men who wear old western clothes and have bandanas covering their faces, except for their eyes.

Personalities and traits

Just like every bandit, the three men are tough and aggressive. When they mistake Pumbaa for Cisco Pig, they seem to have soften up, but when they find out Pumbaa is not their leader, they pull their guns out to shoot him and Timon.


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