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Frog, toad[1]




Pride Landers

What are you talking about? He's Beshte! Strongest in the Pride Lands.

Chura is a male toad. He is a Pride Lander.


The Lion Guard

"Beshte and the Hippo Lanes"

When Basi gets injured while creating hippo lanes, his son Beshte volunteers to take over the job. As the young hippo begins his new task, he is joined by several small animals, including Laini, a female weaver, a male aardvark, and Chura. After Beshte proves his great strength by charging through an enormous boulder, the weaver admits that she wasn't sure whether or not Beshte could handle the feat. Chura is quick to defend Beshte, however, reminding the weaver of his status as the strongest in the Pride Lands. Chura then tells the young hippo to ignore the weaver's comments, saying that he is doing a "dandy" job.

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Chura rides on Beshte during the musical number "Making Hippo Lanes"

Shortly after this, Chura notices that Beshte is traveling in the opposite direction of his destination. The toad asks Beshte to turn around, and the hippo kindly obliges. Laini also requests that Beshte drop her off at Ndefu Grove, and he agrees. Once again, Chura reminds them all that since Beshte is the strongest animal in the Pride Lands, he won't mind. Beshte is humbled by this and proceeds to sing "Making Hippo Lanes", with Chura and the others joining in the chorus. At the climax of the song, Beshte delivers Chura to his destination, and the toad hops away, though not before thanking the young hippo.

"The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar"

Chura is seen following Ma Tembo as she searches for water.

Physical appearance

Chura is a small toad with olive-green skin and a pale green underbelly. He has a large head with round, yellow eyes, and a few dark spots on his back.

Personality and traits

Chura is confident and somewhat cocky, taking pride in his knowledge. He is quick to defend what he believes in, but is also not afraid to speak up if something is going awry. Despite his outspokenness, however, Chura is courteous and polite, as seen when he thanks Beshte for his ride.


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