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Chewa's flock
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Chewa's Flock




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Vulture Shock

Chewa: Choyo! Have you already forgotten the main rule of the flock?
Choyo: We have rules?
Chewa: Rule number one: whatever we find, we share.
Chewa and Choyo

Chewa's Flock is a group of vultures that are featured in Vulture Shock.


Vulture Shock

Chewa: Why settle for one dish? Let's give Simba a menu of the animals we want.
Choyo: Are you sure we're not asking for too much, Chewa?
Chewa: Of course not, my dear friend. After all, greed is good for us!
—Chewa and Choyo plan to ransom Kopa in exchange for food

In the beginning of the story, Chewa and Choyo run into Kopa, the prince of the Pride Lands. But as the flock gathers round to share in the meal, Chewa recognizes Kopa for his true title. He refuses to let the other vultures harm the cub, and orders his minions to put Kopa in a high spiky nest, from which he cannot escape. With Chewa at the head, the flock makes a plan to ransom Kopa in exchange for food. The Buzzard Boyz, however, take pity on the cub and secretly lead Simba and Nala to his nest, where they free him and sentence the flock to a hearing of a solo performed by the Buzzard Boyz every week.

Notable Members

  • Chewa is the leader of the flock.
  • Choyo is Chewa's friend and his second-in-command, presumably.