Chakula Plains
Chakula Plains
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General Information
Chakula Plains
The Lion Guard

Chakula Plains is a location in the Pride Lands. It is a grazing spot of the zebras.

Physical Attributes

Chakula Plains is a wide expanse of savanna grass, cut down the middle by a dirt trail. Acacia trees, rocks, and shrubs intermittently dot the landscape.


The Lion Guard

"Eye of the Beholder"


Zebras graze at Chakula Plains

Chakula Plains is mentioned by Beshte, who rushes up to the Lion Guard with news that Janja has been seen eyeing a herd of zebras grazing at Chakula Plains. The Lion Guard rushes to the rescue, but Janja and his cronies, Cheezi and Chungu, trap them in a ravine before they can reach the plains.

Just in time, Ono arrives and warns the zebras to run. Janja stares after the herd, horrified, and Kion uses the Roar of the Elders to break his team free. The powerful blast sends Janja and his minions flying across the plains, and they immediately scurry off into the Outlands.


  • "Chakula" means "food" or "meal" in Swahili.[1]



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