Cave of Wonders
General Information
No Need to Hurry

Rafiki took him to the Cave of Wonders to see the amazing pictures on the walls. The pictures had been there since the beginning of time, it was said.
—Quote from the book

The Cave of Wonders is a cavern.


No Need to Hurry

One day, Rafiki takes Simba, the prince of the Pride Lands, to the Cave of Wonders to see its ancient wall paintings. Simba, however, fails to keep up when he gets distracted by a grasshopper and keeps attempting to pounce on it.

Physical attributes

The Cave of Wonders is large-mouthed with gray rock walls and a sand-colored floor. Ancient paintings of humans and various animals line the walls of the cave. The cave appears to be positioned on a hill or another high area, as it overlooks the savanna.

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