Captain Oinker's Pig Farm
Captain Oinker's Pig Farm
General Information
Captain Oinker's Pig Farm
Farm Animals
"Animal Barn"

Captain Oinker's Pig Farm is a location from The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa. It is the home of Mr. Pig.


"Animal Barn"

Timon and Pumbaa are seen entering the farm where a sign reads, "Captain Oinker's Pig Farm: The Home of Mr. Pig". As the two view the sign, a procession parades past in honor of a huge pig sitting astride a wagon at the caboose of the group. The pig introduces himself as Mr. Pig, and Pumbaa politely echoes the introduction, calling himself Mr. Pig as well. In answer to Pumbaa's greeting, the pig sniffs rudely and proclaims that Pumbaa is not Mr. Pig but a nobody. He then smacks Timon into a sign which reads that he's been the reigning champion of the Mr. Pig contest for 25 years.

Though Pumbaa attempts to get the title, Mr. Pig rightfully wins, and Timon is banished from the farm for cheating in order to help Pumbaa win.

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