Moja, Mbili, and Tatu

Mbili, Moja, and Tatu

Biographical Information

Moja, Mbili, and Tatu


One (Moja)[1]
Two (Mbili)[1]
Three (Tatu)[1]






Chewa's Flock


Members of the Buzzard Boyz

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Media Information

Vulture Shock

I say this time we don't follow the leader!
—Mbili betrays Chewa

The Buzzard Boyz is a group of rapping vultures from Vulture Shock. They rescue Kopa from their own foul-intentioned flock.


The Lion King: Six New Adventures

Vulture Shock

As soon as the spread is in the head, we'll make a beeline for the feline!
—Tatu to Chewa

When Kopa, the only son of Simba and Nala, stumbles upon Chewa and his flock of ravenous vultures, he is imprisoned as ransom in a high nest, where Moja, Mbili, and Tatu meet the prince for the first time. The three birds comfort Kopa in his plight and rap a song for him, much to his delight. In the face of the cub's awe, the birds are pleasantly surprised, as Chewa has never had an appreciation for their music. Seeing an opportunity to get food, Kopa requests a meal so that his growling stomach won't interrupt their songs, and, sure enough, the birds fall for the ploy, flying away to fetch Kopa a meal.

Not long after this, the Buzzard Boyz secretly revolt against Chewa, repulsed by the idea of eating animals alive. They report Chewa's plans to Kopa but leave him in the dark about their efforts to thwart Chewa's plot.

After leaving Kopa behind, the Buzzard Boyz ask Chewa if they can deliver the menu (animals the vultures want in exchange for Kopa's life) to Simba, but Chewa adamantly refuses. However, he gives in when the Buzzard Boyz burst into song, and the Buzzard Boyz fly off to the Pride Lands, where they warn Simba of what has been happening with Kopa.

Having been warned by the Buzzard Boyz, Simba and a great throng of his subjects approach Chewa, and the king demands that he hand over Kopa. With no choice but to relent to Simba's vast army, Chewa gives up the cub, but Simba doesn't leave things there; he punishes Chewa for his betrayal, requesting that the Buzzard Boyz sing for him as punishment. Chewa is horrified by this turn of events, but the Buzzard Boyz are delighted to get a chance to show off their rapping skills. Satisfied, Simba and his family turn to leave, and the Buzzard Boyz wave goodbye, proclaiming that they will miss the little lion cub.

Physical appearanced

Like most vultures, the Buzzard Boyz are hunched and skinny with blue feathers, black wings, and rings of white fur around their necks.

Personalities and traits

Yo, man! Cool your whiskers!
—Moja to Kopa

Somewhat dim-witted but well-intentioned, the Buzzard Boyz are eccentric, devout fans of rap, and all too willing to pester their patriarch, Chewa. Despite being vultures, they have soft hearts and are willing to betray their flock in order to rescue a cub in need.


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