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Land crab

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Australian Outback

Bruce is a male land crab who lives in the Australian Outback. As Timon mistakes him for a giant bug, he tries several times to capture him, but he is proven to be too clever for the meerkat.


The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa

"Back Out in the Outback"

When Timon and Pumbaa visit the Australian Outback, Timon suggests that they split to catch their own bugs to find their true potential, much to Pumbaa's disappointment.

Bruce with Timon

Bruce realizing he's being tricked by Timon

While Timon is hunting bugs, he encounters Bruce, whom he mistakes for a giant bug. Bruce tries to convince Timon that he's actually a land crab, but the meerkat doesn't believe him and attempts a fight to the death with him. Disgusted, Bruce chases Timon away by lowing him into a giant pretzel and letting him loose to the air. Unwilling to give up, Timon chases after the crab and attempts to beat him with a spiked bat. Bruce once again dispatches of Timon by using the meerkat's own weapon against him. He then proceeds to beat Timon with every kind of tool the meerkat produces until Pumbaa manages to distract Timon long enough for the meerkat to hide in his friend's mane.

Bruce with Pumbaa

Bruce and Pumbaa watching Timon flee

After rejecting Pumbaa's offer to help him catch the "bug", Timon launches more assassination attempts on Bruce, all of which end in failure. After the final attempt, in which Bruce manages to outsmart Timon using the meerkat's own elaborate trap, Timon gives up and collapses on the sand. Pumbaa bounces up to his friend in good spirits and begs Timon to come meet his new friend, who's been helping him catch multitudes of bugs in the Outback. Too tired to argue, Timon follows the warthog until he figures out that Pumbaa has been getting help from Bruce. Scared for his life, Timon flees while Pumbaa and Bruce share a good laugh.

Personality and traits

Bruce is shown to be quite clever, as he manages to outsmart Timon on every one of his attempts to capture him. Timon has tried to capture him so many times that he begins to enjoy his attempts, as seen during the final one in which he searches for Timon to try to get him only for him to be outsmarted once more. He also nicknames the meerkat "Fuzzy Face".

Bruce is also shown to be jovial, feisty, and wisecracking. Likely during one of Timon's setup to capture him, the crab meets Pumbaa and helps him catch some bugs, developing a friendship with the warthog. According to Pumbaa, Bruce is an expert at bug hunting.

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