Broadway Bound & Gagged
Broadway Bound & Gagged
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Brad Neave


Ford Riley

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The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa





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May 7, 1999

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"Ivy Beleaguered"


"Steel Hog"

"Broadway Bound & Gagged" is the second segment of the nineteenth episode of Season 3 of The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa. It aired on May 7, 1999, along with "Ivy Beleaguered".


Timon and Pumbaa compete against each other to make the best Broadway play.


"Broadway Bound & Gagged" begins by introducing Timon, a meerkat, and his warthog friend, Pumbaa. At the start of the episode, Timon and Pumbaa are at Broadway in New York City. They are at a stage dancing with some other people. However, the two accidentally ruin the dance and get kicked out by the manager.

BroadwayBound&Gagged screencap

The pals trying to come up with a broadway play

Timon and Pumbaa then try to come up with their own Broadway show, but Pumbaa mentions that putting on a show costs money. Timon points out that all you have to do is sign your name to pay for something, after the meerkat notices a woman charging a hot dog from a vendor. Pumbaa then suggests they do a show with meerkats and warthogs, but Timon tells Pumbaa that warthogs don't do Broadway shows anymore, showing him from a book that the past musicals with warthogs didn't work out. This leads to the two betting to see which one of them can make the best Broadway show.

BroadwayBound&Gagged screencap2

The pals kicked out of their plays

As the shows are going on, Timon and Pumbaa get autographs and go to each other's shows to see how each of them are doing. Then the Broadway shows go out of control with Timon and Pumbaa asking for more talented dancers.

After the Broadway shows get ruined, Timon and Pumbaa, unable to pay for the expenses, get kicked out of their own show. Pumbaa then tells Timon that they've learned a lesson, which is that a show starring a warthog can do just as well as a show with meerkats.



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  • One of the Broadway musicals starring a warthog which Timon shows Pumbaa in a book is called Guys and Hogs, which is a parody of the 1992 Broadway Musical, Guys and Dolls. Their voice actors, Nathan Lane and Ernie Sabella, actually co-starred in that musical.