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Bradley Raymond
General Information

Bradley Raymond


1993 - Present

The Lion King is a beautiful, epic film. We started with all that grandeur and then took an irreverent look at it.
—Bradley Raymond on making The Lion King 1½[1]

Bradley Raymond is an American film director and storyboard artist who directed The Lion King 1½.


Raymond started his career as an assistant animator and storyboard artist on various television series and animated films, such as All-New Dennis the Menace, Thumbelina, Quack Pack, and Cats Don't Dance, where he was credited as "Brad Raymond."[2] Eventually, Raymond began directing numerous Disney direct-to-video sequels, one of which was The Lion King 1½ in 2004. Most recently, Raymond has directed Tinker Bell and its sequel, Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue.

Other Films


  1. The Lion King 1½ DVD Pamphlet

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