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Hakuna Matata

Blockhead is a male rhinoceros.



Blockhead is first seen chasing a troop of baboons away from his waterhole. Following this frightful encounter, the troop spreads rumors about this mysterious guardian of the lake, and Blockhead gains a reputation for being a fearsome water hog.

Not long after this, Simba and his friends are warned not to go near the waterhole. Curious, the three explore the deserted waterhole and run right into Blockhead, who chases them away from his water source with his twin horns. The rhino manages to chase Simba up a tree, but Pumbaa distracts Blockhead by biting his tail. Enraged, the rhino redirects his anger at Pumbaa and chases him away from Simba's tree. During the chase, Pumbaa gets an idea and moves out of Blockhead's way just in time for the rhino to fall into a mud wallow.

Cooled down by the mud, Blockhead remains in his muddy domain, rolling and splashing in the goo. Simba, who is watching from a distance, soon decides to get rid of the water-hogging bully before the other animals die of thirst. Teaming up with the other bullied creatures, Simba and his friends lure Blockhead to a slab of reflective rock, where he catches sight of his own appearance and charges. After crashing head-on into the rock, Blockhead believes himself to be defeated and leaves to find a new, better territory.

Personality and traits

Blockhead is a selfish rhinoceros who uses his spectacular physical strength to his advantage. If anyone is to so much as approach his waterhole, he chases them off with his twin horns gleaming. Though his anger is quick and hot, a simple dip in the mud will be enough to cool him off.