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Banagi's clan
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Banagi's clan




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King of the Jungle

I would think the advantages of...joining our brotherhood...would be obvious.
Banagi recruits a hyena

Banagi's clan is a group of hyenas led by Banagi. They ally themselves with a rogue lion named Scar and use his rise to power as a means of ruling the Ndona Pride.


King of the Jungle (January 1990)

Baasho: But how do we know he won't turn on us after we get rid of Mufasa?
Banagi: Because he's so dumb, he wouldn't know how.
Baasho: And how do we know none of us will get hurt?
Baasho shows his mistrust of Scar

Banagi's clan is first seen gathering around a kill made by the Ndona Pride. While the lionesses eat their fill, the hyenas linger on the outskirts, waiting for the pride to finish their meal. At Mufasa's signal, they are allowed to pick off the remaining meat, despite Banagi's anger at the lions for dictating prey in the Pride Lands.


Members of Banagi's clan

The clan is later seen witnessing the fight between Mufasa and Scar. Following Scar's defeat, they are persuaded by Banagi to join forces with the rogue in order to lay claim to the Pride Lands. At their leader's signal, the hyenas join ranks around Scar in his second fight against Mufasa, which ends with the king lying dead and his son in flight from the pride.

With Scar now king, the hyenas are able to harass the lionesses into overhunting. Their reign ends, however, when a full-grown Simba returns to the Pride Lands and leads an attack against the hyenas and their tyrannical king. Banagi's clan attempts to ward off a group of stone-throwing baboons, but they are at last defeated when the lionesses join the fight and drag their leaders before Simba, who banishes them to the desert.

King of the Beasts (May 1990)

Imagine. If you had an organization, an organization of loyal, powerful allies who could, shall we say, back you up; who your success. Yes. Then. Then maybe your reasons might change. Maybe you could...overthrow Mufasa.
―Banagi to Scar

In this version of the script, Banagi's cronies are much more menacing and intent on dragging innocent rogue hyenas into their dark affairs. They are first seen attempting to do so until they are interrupted by Simba, who crashes into the clearing with a warthog hot in pursuit. Banagi orders his hyenas to drive back the warthog and, in doing so, ensures Mufasa's debt to the clan.


Scar with the hyenas

Mufasa repays the debt when his pride catches a kudu, which he offers to Banagi and his clan. As the hyenas gather around the carcass, they are driven away by a rogue lion named Scar, who is in turn roared away by Mufasa. Intrigued by the menacing Scar, Banagi leads his clan to the rogue's location and offers him their allegiance.

The following day, Banagi sets up a fight for Mufasa and Scar, during which he and his cronies attempt to ward off Mufasa in favor of their future king. Enraged at being helped out by a weaker species, Scar roars them away, but the damage is already done, as Mufasa dies shortly afterward. At his mother's urging, Simba runs away with Baasho and other members of the clan in hot pursuit.


The hyenas take over the pride

Following Simba's alleged death, the hyenas are given great privileges under the reign of Scar. Their suspicions are raised, however, when Scar begins to grow close to Nala, and Banagi orders his clan to track down the lioness and kill her so that Scar will have no further distractions. Nala is able to evade the hyenas' attack but comes back later to trick Scar into fighting Simba.

Despite being initially turned away by Scar, the hyenas gather around the fight in the mindset that they will kill the winner. The fight goes underway, and Simba emerges the victor. In a fit of rage, Banagi attacks Simba, but the new king easily defeats his foe. Thoroughly intimidated, the rest of the hyenas bow before Simba and pronounce him their new king.

Notable members

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  • It is implied that the clan is composed only of males, as Banagi refers to the clan as a "brotherhood."[1]
  • The fate of the clan differs from script to script. In the first version, Baasho and Banagi alone are banished to the desert,[2] while the second script leaves Banagi dead and the rest of his clan in debt to Simba as his subjects.[1]


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