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This article is about the baboon from In the Fur of Another.
You may be looking for the lion from Vulture Shock.

Baboon Babu
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Pride Landers

Babu: Is this what you had in mind?
Simba: Yes! This is exactly what I wanted!
—Babu and Simba about Babu's artwork

Babu is a young baboon. S/he is one of Rafiki's pupils.



Hey! Rafiki's teaching the young monkeys!
—Simba about Rafiki's students

Babu is a young baboon who lived in the Pride Lands during Mufasa's reign. During his/her youth, s/he enrolled as a pupil of Rafiki's.

In the Fur of Another

Simba: Hey, Babu! Now that Rafiki's gone, could you help me?
Babu: Sure, Simba!
—Babu and Simba

Babu and Simba

Babu paints stripes on Simba

Babu is first seen among a group of young baboons who are taking a painting lesson from Rafiki. When the lesson is over, Simba approaches Babu and asks him/her for help. The young baboon gets a bowl of Rafiki's paint and colors zebra stripes on Simba's fur. S/he later paints leopard spots on Nala.

Physical appearance

Babu appears to be a young baboon, somewhere in-between childhood and adolescence. S/he is average in height and build with smoky, blue-gray fur, his/her hair spiked to a tapered point at the back of his/her head. Pale fur rings his/her face and extends down his/her chest. Like all baboons, his/her eye rims are blue, his/her nose red, and his/her paws brown, though black fur covers the backs of his/her paws. His/Her eyes are black.

Personality and traits

Though Babu's personality is not explored, s/he is shown to be friendly and helpful, ready to take time to assist his/her friend Simba. His/Her willingness to indulge in a prank also reveals him/her to be a bit on the mischievous side.


  • Babu is most likely male, since his/her name has a masculine meaning.[1]


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