At the Last Second
At The Last Second 1
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Werner Wejp-Olsen


Oscar Martin

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September 1997



For coloring and informational errors, see here.

At the Last Second is a comic inspired by The Lion King.


Simba saves the life of a mole named Malo Mole.


At the Last Second begins by introducing Simba, the prince of the Pride Lands. At the start of the comic, Simba is playing by himself in the forest, chasing a brightly colored butterfly. In the midst of the chase, he notices a dirt trail tunneling toward him and stops to watch in fascination. A moment later, a mole pops out of the earth, introducing himself as Malo Mole.

Simba comments that digging must be exhausting, but Malo begs to differ, plunging into the earth and digging frantically. The end product of the mole's hard work is an elephant face made out of dirt trails. Simba is impressed and asks Malo to dig him a giant hole. The mole digs it with no problem, after which he wonders how far he can dig in a straight line. Malo decides to test his experiment but becomes so focused on his task that he fails to realize just how close he is to the river.

As Malo plunges into the water, yelling for help, Simba runs alongside him and jumps in, braving the rough waters to rescue the mole from the current. When he has Malo grasped firmly by the scruff, the cub swims back to shore, deposits his burden on the sand, and checks to make sure that Malo is all right. A bit shaken, the mole thanks Simba for saving his life and proclaims that he hopes to do the same for the cub someday.

At sunset, Simba leaves his friend to return home to Pride Rock. Along the way, he trips over a stone and sprains his paw. No sooner has he hurt himself when a great thundering is heard, and the cub looks up to see a stampede of zebras heading straight toward him. With nowhere to turn, Simba is helpless to escape, but just in the nick of time, Malo calls to his friend from a hole in the earth, and the cub joins him inside, safe from the pounding hooves.

When the stampede is over, Simba thanks Malo, who teasingly remarks that it's Simba's turn next. When the exhausted cub finally reaches home, he collapses in a heap on the grass and falls into a deep sleep. Meanwhile, his parents watch him fondly, afraid that his day must have been rather boring for him to have fallen asleep so fast.


  • This comic has an alternative title, Stampede.[1]



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