As Good As Dead (Part 1)
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Hans Zimmer


Jay Rifkin


5M12A "As Good As Dead PT1"



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The Lion King: Complete Score


The Lion King


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For Part 2, see here.

"As Good As Dead (Part 1)" is a musical piece composed by Hans Zimmer for The Lion King. It is the underscore that plays during Scar's eulogy and Timon and Pumbaa's discovery of Simba's fallen body.


"As Good As Dead (Part 1)" was first released as part of The Lion King: Complete Score, though the album was retracted after one day. In its brief publication, the track could be heard in two parts: "As Good As Dead (Part 1)" and "As Good As Dead (Part 2)". On June 24, 2014, The Legacy Collection: The Lion King was released, with "As Good As Dead (Part 1)" having been remixed and titled "If You Ever Come Back We'll Kill You".


In The Lion King, the score picks up at the start of Scar's speech, during which he gives his condolences to the grief-shaken pride, and concludes with the upbeat musical theme heard as Timon and Pumbaa chase away the vultures encircling Simba's fallen body.

Though the score is not part of the original cast recording, it can be heard during the musical itself in the same sequence of events as its film counterpart. The score was slightly altered, particularly during the scene in which vultures circle Simba's body. Officially, the score is titled "Bowling for Buzzards".[1]



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