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Alex Cartañá
Biographical Information

Alexandra Rosamund Cartañá-Marks


April 7, 1983


Sussex, England

Career Information



2003 – Present


The Lion King work

The Lion Guard

Alex Cartañá is an actress and singer-songwriter who voices Twiga from The Lion Guard.


Despite being born in England, Cartañá spent much of her childhood in Spain.[1] She learned English and Spanish during her years in school, as she spent time in both English and Spanish educational systems. She also knows a third language, Catalan. Cartañá spent her first year in college at the University of Greenwich, though she transferred to the University of Westminster for her second year, graduating in 2002.

Cartañá first rose to prominence as a singer with the release of her hit dance record "Shake It (Move A Little Closer)," which peaked at #16 in the UK Singles Chart.[2] Her first solo, "Hey Papi," was released in April 2004 and showcased her Hispanic heritage. It was influenced in part by her father, who was overprotective due to the early death of Cartañá's older sister.

In addition to singing, Cartañá has lent her voice to several children's television programs, among them Miles of Tomorrowland and Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero.[3]

For The Lion Guard, she has sung "A Trail to Hope" from "The Mbali Fields Migration".

Personal Life

Cartañá has a deceased elder sister.[1]

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