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A Girlfriend for Zazu
A Girlfriend for Zazu
January 10, 2006
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A Girlfriend for Zazu is a comic inspired by The Lion King.


Simba and Nala help Zazu win the heart of a beautiful hornbill.


A Girlfriend for Zazu begins by introducing Zazu, the majordomo of the Pride Lands, and his two pupils, Simba and Nala. At the start of the comic, Zazu is in the middle of teaching the two young lions about zebras, but Nala can tell that Zazu is distracted by something. She remembers how he had been staring intently at the other hornbills just the other day and realizes that he must be impressed by the female hornbill. She asks Zazu if he wants to get to know the "lady bird," but Zazu denies this, reminding her that the female hornbill gets more than enough male attention.

Nala protests that no one can compete with Zazu, and Simba asks teasingly if Zazu is in love. Zazu tries to hush the cubs, but Nala tells Zazu to give the female hornbill a present to impress her. Simba enthusiastically agrees with Nala and tells Zazu that they'll help him. Before the hornbill can protest, Nala collects some flowers, and Simba grabs a giant fruit. The cubs plaster Zazu with the presents, and a colony of bees starts to chase the fragrant hornbill. Zazu runs away and accidentally knocks over two male hornbills, who snap at him as he passes.

Zazu comes back to the cubs, and Simba tells Zazu that he needs a bath. The cub then sticks Zazu under a waterfall, and the hornbill falls into the mud below. Trudging past the other male hornbills, who laugh at him as he passes, Zazu sighs and admits defeat. No sooner has he done this when Nala comes up with a new idea. She tells Zazu that if he saves the female hornbill from a dangerous situation, she will be very grateful to him; she may even fall in love with him.

Zazu asks Nala what she means by dangerous, and Simba tells the hornbill that he can play the part of a dangerous predator. He will attack the female hornbill, and Zazu can swoop in to save her. As the plan begins to unfold, however, Simba slips on a log, which whacks Zazu down a steep embankment. Once again, the other male hornbills erupt into laughter.

Simba and Nala scramble to the edge of the cliff but are unable to reach Zazu. All of a sudden, the female hornbill swoops past them and lands beside Zazu. She asks him if he's all right and then comments that he is lucky to have not gotten hurt. Zazu is a bit dazed and asks her how she knows who he is. She replies that she knows everyone on the savanna. She then comments that teaching the future Lion King must be hard work. Zazu is thrilled with this turn of events, and the two hornbills fly off across the Pride Lands, with the other male hornbills staring after them enviously. As Simba and Nala walk away, Nala is pleased that the female hornbill likes Zazu for who he is. Simba, on the other hand, is just glad that they don't have to have another boring lesson.


  • This comic has an alternative title, Zazu's Charm.[1]



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