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Sarafina is the mother of Nala and a member of Mufasa's hunting party. She is also a close friend of the queen's. In the first film, Sarafina is seen asleep within the royal den of Pride Rock, Nala snug in her paws. She is later seen washing Nala as the cub converses with Simba. When Nala asks to accompany Simba to the water hole, Sarafina asks Sarabi her thoughts, and the queen agrees to the cubs' proposition. The following day, after Mufasa's death, Sarafina is seen at the coronation of Scar, mourning the death of the king and his son alongside the rest of the lionesses. Throughout the eulogy, Nala is nuzzling her mother's leg and crying.



Disney Second Screen: The Lion King Edition is an interactive film feature. It is accessible via a computer or iPad app download that provides extra content to a user as they view the film. The movie links with the viewer's device through an audio sync, a manual sync, or a visual sync indicator. As the film plays on a viewer's television, bonus features such as trivia, fun facts, games, photo galleries, and animated flip books appear on the iPad or computer screen. Disney Second Screen is currently available to use on an iPad or a computer with Flash.

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Kiara's First Hunt is Kiara's first solo attempt to hunt prey in the Pride Lands. Zira uses this event to help Kovu infiltrate the enemy pride. On Pride Rock, Kiara prepares for her first hunt. Rafiki, Timon, Pumbaa, her mother, and the lionesses encourage her, but Kiara wants her father to promise to have confidence in her and leave her alone to hunt. Simba, with a heavy heart, gives his word, but when Kiara disappears into the savanna, he directs Timon and Pumbaa to shadow her. The princess quickly locates a herd of antelope and tries to hunt but accidentally makes a noise that scares them off. Kiara despairingly runs after them. In the meanwhile, Nuka and Vitani go to the abandoned Elephant Graveyard to ignite sticks.

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